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  Professional Video Light Kit
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Professional & Perfect Appearance
Ultra Compact Design, Light Weight
Adjustable Mount installs easily on camera, tripod & monopods
Bundled with Ergonomically designed handle
High quality material & workmanship
Light Weight, Compact and Slim Design

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   Model No.    RNL-DC50WP    RNL-DC50WP    RNL-DC50WP
   Code No.    020605SP    020605SP    020605SP
   Power    50W    50W    50W
   Operating Voltage    12V DC    12V DC    12V DC
   Color Temp. (+/-200K)    5500K    5500K    5500K
   CBCP    1100cd    1100cd    1100cd
   Stand (Monopode Type)    Yes    Yes    Yes
   AC Charger    Universal (110~240V)
   Battery Type    Maintenance Free Lead-Acid Battery
   Battery Energy    12V 7AH
   Battery Size    (151 x 65 x 95) cm
   Battery Life    400cycles (for 50% discharge)/180cycles (for 100% discharge)
   Battery Charging Time    6 Hours
   Duration    60 minutes    45 minutes    30 minutes
   Applicable Range    For professional & amateur Photography/Videography
   Materials    Aluminium, Plastic
   Dimensions (L X W X H)    
   Weight    3Kg
   Certifications    FCC, CE
   Operating Temperature    -15oC ~ 60oC
   Storage Temperature    -25oC ~ 70oC
   Humidity    0% ~ 95% RH (non condensing)


* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice depending on the advancement in the technology.

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