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 Camera/Camcorder Universal AC/DC
 Battery Charger (For Li-Io Battery Packs)

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Automatically Detects Battery Voltage
AC/DC Adapter and Car Charger included
LED Charging Indicator
Microprocessor to Control Charging
Includes 4 Extra Charging Plates to fit 3.6V & 7.2V Li-Io Batteries
   Batteries Compatibility Chart
  Brand Battery Charged By   Brand Battery Charged By
   Sony NP-FS11  Base Unit    RCA B-075  Plate A
   Sony NO-FM50/70/90/QM71/91  Base Unit    JVC BN-V712/714  Plate A
   Sony NP-FF50/70  Base Unit    Fuji NP-80  Plate A
   Sony NP-FC10  Base Unit    Canon NB-2L  Plate A
   Sony NP-F550/750/950  Base Unit    Canon BP-617  Plate A
   Sony NP-F520  Base Unit    Canon BP-608  Plate A
   Sony NP-F500  Base Unit    Sony NP-F10/20/30  Plate B
   Sony NP-F330/530/730/730H/930  Base Unit    Sharp VR-BL91  Plate B
   Sony NP-F200  Base Unit    Sharp BT-L22/L44/241/L41  Plate B
   Sony NP-F100  Base Unit    Panasonic VW-VBD24  Plate B
   Sony NP-F300  Base Unit    Panasonic VW-VBD23  Plate B
   Sanyo VM-LC100  Base Unit    Panasonic VW-VBD21  Plate B
   Samsung SSB-L160/L320/L480  Base Unit    Panasonic CGR-D210E/220E/320E  Plate B
   RCA BB-065L  Base Unit    Panasonic CGR-D110/120E  Plate B
   Panasonic VW-VBD1E/VBD2E  Base Unit    JVC J-LP23  Plate B
   JVC BN-V812/814  Base Unit    JVC BN-V907  Plate B
   JVC BN-V408/416/428  Base Unit    JVC BN-V615  Plate B
   Hitachi VM-NP500  Base Unit    JVC BN-V607  Plate B
   Hitachi VM-N520  Base Unit    Sharp BT-L31/VR-BL72  Plate C
   Hitachi VM-E330/535  Base Unit    Panasonic CGR-V610/620E  Plate C
   Hitachi VM-BPL-13/27  Base Unit    Nikon EN-EL1  Plate C
   Canon BP-924/927  Base Unit    JVC BN-V214  Plate C
   Canon BP-915/930/945  Base Unit    JVC BN-V207  Plate C
   Canon BP-911  Base Unit    JVC BN-507/514  Plate C
   Canon BP-512/522/535  Base Unit    Canon NB-1L  Plate C
   Toshiba PDR-BT2  Plate A    Panasonic CGA-S101A/1B  Plate D
   Sharp VR-BL81  Plate A    Nikon EN-EL2  Plate D
   Sharp VR-BL71/75  Plate A    Minolta NP-200  Plate D
   Sharp BT-L11/L12  Plate A    Fuji/Kodak NP-60  Plate D
   Sharp BT-L1/L2  Plate A    Fuji/Pantex NP-40  Plate D
   RCA BB-075L  Plate A    Casio NP-20DBA  Plate D
   Batteries Compatibility Chart for Digital Cameras
   Brand Digital Cameras Battery Charged By
   Casio EX-S2/M2/S3/Z3 NP-20DBA Plate D
   Canon G2/G3, EOS10D BP-512/522/535 Base Unit
   Toshiba PDR-M70/M5/M4 PDR-BT2 Plate A
   Fuji Kodak - LS633/443/420, Finpix F410/401/601 NP-FM50/70/90/QM71/91 Base Unit
   Fuji Pantex-OptioS, Finepix F700/F402 NP-FC10 Base Unit
   Fuji Finepix 1700/2700/2900/4800/6800/4900/6900 NP-F550/750/950 Base Unit
   Panasonic DMC-F7/F1S CGA-S101A/1B Plate D
   Nikon Coolpix 2500/3500/SQ EN-EL2 Plate D
   Nikon Coolpix 4500 EN-EL1 Plate C
   Minolta Dimage XT NP-200 Plate D
   Sony MVC-CD350, DSC-F717 NP-60 Plate D
   Sony DSC-P8/P10/V1 NP-40 Plate D
   Sony MVC-FD200/100 NP-80 Plate A
   Kodak Kodak DC-4800 NP-80 Plate A
   Canon S400/230/200 NB-1L Plate C
   Canon S50/45/40/30 NB-2L Plate A
   Charging Source Interface    Cigarette Lighter Plug-in (DC)/AC Socket (AC)
   Dimensions (L X W X H)    
   Certifications    FCC, CE
   Operating Temperature    +5oC ~ 60oC
   Storage Temperature    -5oC ~ 70oC
   Humidity    0% ~ 95% RH (non condensing)

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice depending on the advancement in the technology.

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