Jan 01, 2007

RNL-WP : Portable Video Light Kit
- Professional & Perfect Appearance
- Ultra Compact design, light weight
- Bundled with Ergonomically designed Handle

Sep 15, 2006

RTH-25P: Professional DV Tripod
- Professional Tripod with Hydraulic Damping Alloy Head
- Light, Compact and Stylish design
- Expands from 70cm to 155cm

Aug 10, 2006

RNL-W: Portable Video Light Kit
- Professional Video Light for all your mobile photography & videography
- Adjustable Mount installs easily on Camera, Tripods & Monopods
- Tilts / Swivels vertically & horizontally

Jan 10, 2006

RNS-P410: Professional Shoulder Support
- Light Weight, Ergonomically designed
- Hands Free operation for your Camcorder with perfect videography
- Made of High Quality Materials and preciously produced

Jan 15, 2005

RN-8800UC: AC/DC Universal Charger
- Camera/Camcorder Universal AC/DC Battery Charger
- Automatically detects Battery Voltage
- Includes 4 Extra Charging Plates to fit 3.6V & 7.2V Li-Ion Batteries

Jan 01, 2005

RNI-100C: AC/DC Mobile Power Inverter
- Converts DC Vehicle Power into Clean, Safe and Efficient AC Power
- Portable Ultra Compact Design
- Best for all your Mobile AC Application

Dec 15, 2004

RNC-151RW: 15-IN-1 Card Reader / Writer
- USB 2.0 High Speed Data Transfer Rate
- True Plug n Play, hot swap capability
- Drag and Drop files, images and music to your computer from your PDA or handheld, Digital Camera, Camcorders and Vice-Versa

Dec 15, 2004

RNT-6400: Stand for Digital Cameras and Camcorders
- Light Weight, Compact and Slim Design
- Folds into a compact package for easy travel
- Expands from 45cm to 151cm

Nov  15, 2004

RN4-1394: PCI IEEE1394 (Firewire) Card
- Compliant with IEEE 1394-1995, P1394a
- Tree and Bus Topology Supported
- MGI Videowave and Russian Software Bundled

Sep 20, 2004

RDM-SD512: 512MB Secure Digital Card
- High Data Storage Capacity
- Compatible with all devices using SD/MMC Slot
- 10 Years Data Retention for ultimate secure & reliable data storage